Mixed media with collage on 42cm square of cartridge paper.

Further development of lockdown works.

Mixed media on square 42cm cartridge paper.

Interim Phase I

First in a new sequence of work.

New sequence of lockdown work. Still shielding though less lockdowned than before. A week’s break gives a chance to reboot the work from a slightly different angle. Squares of paper, more collage and paint. More colour. Playing with the drawings which will still be in there. The drawings as a resource for play. Similar motifs, we haven’t gone very far, after all.

After a long flight across an ocean and a continent I find myself further from home than I have ever been. The campus is fantastic. A collection of laid back, cool modernist buildings. Trees and glimpses of mountains and another ocean.

What would an old art teacher do to feel at home? Head to an Anthropology museum with a sketch book, of course.

I will be leaving for Vancouver on Sunday night and getting in an hour later on Sunday night after nine hours in the air. Never been so far before. Quite exciting. Staying in Richmond on the first night and then at the University of British Columbia during the conference.

Six quick and scribbly drawings to document a windy walk across Millennium Green to the Cut. I had for gotten a pencil, so these are done with an old Sharpie I had in my pocket. Part of a habit of documenting walks with little drawings. Usually they end up in a sketchbook.

Part of an interest in how to keep things going, habits and having ideas when you don’t have any ideas. What do art teachers do next?

IMG_20181126_102324854Three new 50cm x 50cm square paintings developed from the small 10cm x 10cm collages. Simple patterns, reconfigured through collage and then enlarged and played with.

Three abstract painting based on the collages. Freely enlarged, copied and transcribed.

Experimenting with small collages to develop two small paintings. Playing around with pattern and chaos to try to try to make something different, quite quickly. Also experimenting with social media as part of the process. Hence squares.

Neil Hanger’s excellent show at the Merchant House Gallery in Lowestoft on Saturday. Gallery Open Tue,  Thur-Sat 11am -4pm during exhibitions.